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apart from the garbage process that's the most life threatening fact here ,specially in winters, sleeping comes second.

what? you cant believe sleeping can be dangerous too, well many accurate experiments show it is.

the sleeping process can be something like this:

some time in the afternoon (well it's after 9.30-10 with the sun still on) you jump on yer sofa (you gotta own yer sofa) & begin changing channels-another hard job- when got tired of so many commercials, you'd fall asleep, ZzzzZzzzz but as long as the sofa is not comfy, you throw yer pillow & blanket on the floor & crawl down, now this one's better.

note:an extra pillow & blanket should be on the sofa for emergency cases(as mentioned)

after that you can go on yer sleeping. but it wont last long cos outta nowhere someone would call yo to get up & move to bed.

holyshit, it's another hard thing cos firstly you gotta leave yer warm comfy place, secondly you gotta walk up 15 stairs to get near bedroom( who the fuck thought it'd be a great idea to move into a bigger place *~*), thirdly passing by the bathroom there are other things to do fourthly yo gotta brush yer teeth, fifthly yo cant leave bathroom without using toilet specially when you have learned how to use it correctly sixthly after doing yer job-hell this one's not easy either- it's time to get some t.p. by using aerobic movements;when all these things done sevenly, yo gotta take shower cos the germs are dancing all over yo(dont ask for details d'ahhh)

eightly shower shower shower, ninely as far as human dryer is not yet invented yo gotta wait till yo get dried by the artificial warmth of heater. tenly (do we have such a word?!?)it's bed time but you have to move up & down the bed to make it warm.

note: you gotta do it very quietly in order not to wake up the sleeping demons.

after all these hard complicated hazardous things, you cant sleep cos you dont feel like sleeping anymore, now it's time to count the sheep jumping over the fence, 1,2,3,….12354,…,97556415215, im still counting!

now tell me why do you keep on saying life aint as hard as i think. it's hard, hell it's hard.

footnote: in case you stayed in step one aka sleeping in fronna tv, another terrible thing happens, you're gonna catch cold & that's what happened to me this weekend so i stayed in bed & enjoyed soups for two days but the fever & sore throat sucked 😉


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  1. My favorite time of the day used to be the nap in front of the tv. now the daughter-in-law has homesteaded it. So I have my nap in front of the computer instead.

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