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recently, i have discovered :
1. i havent discovered anything new.
2. the difference between jellyfish & mockingbird,
jellyfish: doesnt look like a fish, is not same as flounder, doesnt have wings, is that ugly creature who gives my fish headaches & let others eat it while playing “feeding Frenzy 2”, you cant shake hands with it cos it gives yo electric shock,looks really awful, is the same as wife.
mockingbird: is a bird, is not the same as hummingbird, you can call it a parrot or a carrot; M&M (eminem) doesnt have a song with the name of fuckingbird (i have listened to that song & i always thought he says fuckingbird), there’s no mockingbird in any of the games i play.
3.i havent watched X-men 3 cos there’s no theater here & they dont show here anyway, but i had the chance to watch it in DC, but i didnt!
4. i promised to bake a cake but forgot it.
5. i didnt have lunch yesterday cos firstly i wasnt in the mood of it, secondly i didnt feel like eating chicken.
6. Bethel is in AK, not in palestine.
7. soccer world cup will start in 8 days time & i havent find a way to watch the matches yet.
8. polar bears actually dont live in northpole, but in their homes.
9. most of the times i cant shoot a bird from 1 yard though i can shoot quite good cos: firstly, i dont carry gun. secondly ,the girl shouts before i can find the trigger, thirdly i forget to put on my glasses!
10. i cant change my baby girl shitty nappy in men’s room!
11. im so fucking boring & ridiculous.
12. there’s something burning again, never mind!
13.oucccccchhhhhh it was the only good shirt i had *~*
Im gonna discover soon:
1. the difference between mom & dad.
2.why havent any terrorist group stolen me yet, though it’s proved to everyone im unnaturally genius.
3. where penguins live
4. why im so annoying
5. why im so pain in the ass (well worked on this a while ago but didnt find the answer)
6. why i cant sleep whenever i like
7. why boss still insists on keeping me though it’s a proved fact im so lazy
8. why humans walk on their legs & i walk on my tail i have a tail?
10. why i cant see when i put my glasses while having my lens in ( i can see well with either of ’em)
11. why i keep on saying im gonna stop blogging today & i dont
12.why i only blog about “the girl, my complaints, stolen jokes, creepy notes” & i dont have such cateogories.
13. why there should be number 13



  1. Now THAT is some funny shit esp the difference in a jellyfish and monkingbird!

  2. seems you’ve discovered a lot of s___eless things?! LoL 😀

  3. monkingbird, never heard of , guess i gotta do some experiment on that creature 🙂
    s—eless, fill in the blank?!?! shameless?!

  4. shameless would do but t’wa senseless! 😉

  5. *~*

  6. Keith, I get so angry at you- I can never find funny stuff to write about- let alone interesting stuff! 🙂 keep it up hun, xx chick

  7. hhhmmm you’re not the only one who got mad at me lately, yo’re not the first nor the last, but im gonna put you on my list, wanna fuck me in the neck with what?!

  8. i don’t get easily angry so iguess i’m not one of them as of yet but let me suggest, how bout a keyboard perhaps?!

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