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rape noun

1[U,C] the crime of forcing sb to have sex with you, especially using violence:

2[sing.] ~ (of sth) (literary) the act of destroying or spoiling an area in a way that seems unnecessary

3(also oilseed rape) [U] a plant with bright yellow flowers, grown as food for farm animals and for its seeds that are used to make oil

rape verb

[VN] to force sb to have sex with you when they do not want to by threatening them or using violence

mentally adverb

connected with or happening in the mind

Victims' psychological reactions to rape vary but usually include feelings of shame, humiliation, confusion, fear, and rage. Victims have reported a feeling of perpetual defilement, an inability to feel clean, an overwhelming sense of vulnerability, and a paralyzing feeling of lack of control over their lives. Many are haunted by fear of the neighbourhood in which the crime occurred, or of being followed, or of all sexual relationships. Others experience long-term disruption of sleep or eating patterns or an inability to function at work. The duration of the psychological trauma varies from individual to individual; many feel the effects for years, even with considerable supportive therapy.

among all of the self-made words i have "being mentally raped" is my favorite; but not regularly used.

it's hard to define what it really means, i even asked some close people , though heard it many times, jus didnt know the meaning. honestly i dunno the meaning either; it's a feeling, kinda hatred from the deepest darkest part of my soul. the feeling is quite like the general feelings of being raped, add anger, jealousy, rage,wrath,hatred,revenge….. then you get close to what you would feel when mentally raped; there's no physical pain in it. but you're hurt badly.

apart from the word definition, im dying of stomach ache. it jus happens every now & then but sometimes it tries to kill me; have anyone died of stomach ache? if not ,i'd be the first. 😦

meg insists on taking me to doc, but i prefer to stay in bed & go on the process of twisting & turning, masochism yo know. fuck doctors, they know nothing about my body; once i let 'em do whatever hell they like to my body ,in the end they told me there was nothing wrong with me, hey idiots, if im jus doing fine, do i have mental illness to keep on twisting & turning & shouting…. (well im mental but not with that definition-it's another post).

so im not going to anywhere, i like to stay in bed, take as many as painkiller i like , press buttons on my keyboard in random order & make another creepy post. jeeeeeeeeeeeesuuuuusssssss.*~*

some say these kinda pain is relevant to the feeling "i dont feel like eating anything at the moment" that occurs every now & then, but with the desperate craving for chocolates & sweet things i have most of the time, im sure it's PMS,any doubt?! 😉

PS SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Creating things of beauty is not only a hobby of yours, it's a purpose — and a lucrative one, at that. You'll be exhilarated by the closing of a deal. A Taurus is a hot lead. things of beauty?! hell what's beautiful here that can make me exhilarated! 😦



  1. mentally raped, is it possible i’ve gone thru that for almost two weeks?! symptoms does quite mix well only more intense…

    something of beauty. hmmm don’t remember having done anything of that sort today, yesterday or days ago?! that’s weird! maybe that reading is wrong and where the hell shld. i find a friggin’ Taurean, that reading sucks!

    hey, have you tried taking antacids? must be coz. you haven’t been eating my man, reason for the tummy ache. i’m also salivating over choc’lates these past few days! yum yum! definitely PMS, no doubt ’bout it! LoL 😀

  2. Thank you for the definition, I think I understand it a little big more now. A kind of mental violation?

  3. Dude, the stoch thing can actually be something serious – you should get it checked out.

  4. Go to the doctor, dipschitt! Meg is right. Painkillers can make the problem worse!

  5. yep, you might be in deep shit if you don’t have it checked out earlier my man. i agree on doctors not knowing anything about what ails you most of the time but there are times that they can be right. why not have this one looked into pls. 🙂

  6. And….if you’re not eating, the stomach acid is eating the lining of your stomach. Put something in there for the acid to EAT other than your tummy.

  7. mayang=>hhhmm mental rape must have a cause, something that really made yo nervous & annoyed; it’s not a simple feeling of blue &”i dont wanna talk to anyone” case; it’s complicated, with complex reasons to be discussed & it wont work if the symptoms were more intense hihiihihi 🙂
    and about the beautiful thing according to the horoscope yo cant make a thing of beauty if not sagittarian! &if i found a taurrean, im gonna send him/her to yo for the hot deal!
    & i dunno about trying antacids, guess i was given such things; it’s horrible to live in a small town with a nurse (worst is living with a doc),have some fucking doc living a few blocks away & people being so fucking friendly that they dont mind if yo DO NOT want to visit ’em; they simply come to yo! FYI:PMS=partly my sin not premenstrual syndrome;) gotta write my own dictionary.
    btw im dippshcitt!

    babelfish=> im happy yo got the meaning some how, i know nothing about mental violation, im not an expert 🙂

    mr angry=> yep it was something serious, it means i gotta get rid of my stomach asap.

    mamma lee=> thanks for your concern; i didnt go to doc, he came! nothing serious, jus i gotta put some fucking food in the belly part every now & then.
    btw can i put my brain in the stomach so the acid eats it, i really dont need this part of my body.
    one more thing why everyone thinks wife’s right, hell it’s my body & it’s none of her business!

  8. gotcha, i get what mentally rape means now! for two weeks i was in a deep autistic phase so there’s big diff. may have made li’l beautiful things the past few days jst wasn’t aware coz i was autistic so that still makes me one hot-blooded Sagittarian.

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