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so it was a while i didnt take my pills, as a result i was so fucking crazy, so one night they came & took me to some secret place; "who're they?!" im talking about aliens with horns, green skin, one blinking eye…..

they gave me new pills & told me to keep quiet so they keep me for a while, but after the first day the big boss came with a broom & told me to sweep the whole place if i wanted to stay & hell it was so big; but i wanted to stay, after a week another guy came & told me :" amigo , ya americano?!"

i sighed i said:" yep" then he told me i couldnt stay anymore for free cos that place was for aliens & unfortunately my greatgreatgreat……grandparents moved to this fucking land a long time ago that they dont call me immigrants (yes plural) anymore; so i left the place, helpless,homeless, brainless, stainless(well it's mostly for steel)…..&went back home.

yipeeee im back but im not taking my medicines again , maybe they take me there one more time.


update: apparently i was away for a week or so, well sorry, i thought i didnt want to blog for a while, seems i was wrong.

i had 4 days off work, went to DC unwillingly to her(read wife) cousin's wedding.

apart from the big bucks i paid to fuckin US airways, it was great, mr sun acted so gentlemanly that we had to be back round 8, before the dark*~*,shit, it's so hard for me not to go out for a walk after 10.30pm.

i spent most of the time with the girl, going to muesums…..; so much fun, i even asked the girl to touch vangogh's self-portrait with her wet hands; but she didnt listen!what's the use of paying taxes then?!

hhhmmm whatelse?! i spend almost a day in suit & tie+ sneakers (yep im that funny!)

then i was forced to babysit a pile of demons (4 girls+2 boys+the girl) cos i wanted to nap a bit, obviously, unpossible!

i slept during the ceremony , thanks to dad who woke me up jus in time to wish the newly wed couple blessings…..

i understood the meaning of "single dad" cos the girl's mom spent most of her time with her relatives & cousins ,specially, forgetting once upon a time she used to have a husband (yes ,it's countable)+daughter.

i heard the phrase:"so, you're that lucky guy, i mean meg's old man" more than 1000 times & all i could think was:"lucky?! WTF!^%&$%&%%&%^ suck my $%^%%$^$$" & then grined at 'em.

(well yo know i do exaggerate, but i was so tired of being introduced to every tom & dick & harry)

conclusion: 1. thanks to all those fucking brave soldiers who died for "i don remember what!" & added a holiday to the calender.

2. it took my biological clock 3 days to adjust, as a result i cant sleep till wednesday.

3. i appreciate the girl's company; she was so great coming with me to wherever i wanted (not bars idiots).

4. i wish i was allowed to stay in & oggle those beautiful relatives of meg but then she'd turn home to hell, not really worthed it.

5. im late for work, jebus, not again! guess i'd have more time blogging from now on cos the big boss gives me the sack (coming soon)

6. im taking my pills again for a while, i dont wanna sweep floors!

7. i hate suits & ties, i feel like a million $ for not having to wear such a shit at work 🙂 ( i work after the working hours, i sweep the floors, wash the dishes, babysit, …..!)

8. where're my pillllllllllllllssss.?

9. hell it's so fucking late, not for work actually, i know it's memorial day! im so hungry & sleepy

10. im outta anything, see you in mental hospital soon.

11. thanks for so many missing letters, i didnt miss yo too.

12. to ramford, thought yo were killed by whatever yo were doing (guess it was exams,right?!) there was no empty seat, if i had found any, i wouldnt have been back.

13. to others, thanks missing me a bit, i ensure i cant miss the bloggin for long, so yo cant really get rid of my crap!

14.i learned something new, hold a baby then stick yer tongue out at whoever pass yo, people look so fucking funny!

end of forwarded message, i wanna have brunch at 9.30 am!

+this weather sucks!

posted by hellboy back in heaven!



  1. Well, for one I missed you! Welcome back from the wedding, the nuthouse or whatfuckinever place you hauled ass too. 😀

  2. Welcome back. I don’t really enjoy going to weddings either especially when you don’t know most of the people there…the only consolation is to look at the pretty dresses and extravagance people has put in.

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