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im tired of this devil, omg is it really noraml to keep awake most of the night & then sleep in daylight!

ok she doesnt have much to do, but i guess there are two other human beings that have to work & cant sleep; hell i need sleep. *~*

i was thinking of suffocatin her with a pillow but i know im gonna regret it later.

better read this,im really outta my mind!


Two confirmed bachelors were sitting and
talking. Their conversation drifted from
sports to cooking. "I got a cookbook once,"
said the first, but I could never do anything
with it."

"Too much fancy cooking in it, eh?" asked
the second.

"You said it. Every one of the recipes began
the same way, 'Take a clean dish and…'"



  1. Haha, I understand the clean dish thing…my bf doesn’t clean dishes (at least not often)!

  2. so who does the cooking?1
    yo dont mean yo use dirty dishes again & again 😦

  3. what’s w/ men and cleaning the dishes anyway?! 🙂

  4. nothing, they jus dont like water!

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