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cast in alphabetical order:

Alex: the sweetest hottest chick i ever met in my life. her smiles worth million bucks & her cries makes you the most miserable man in the world. she's good at giving headaches instead of hard-ons.

honestly you dont have a life with her. but i dont remember if i had a life without her. she's the biggest miracle of my life. im really thankful to Lord for giving me the cutest daughter in the (my)world.


Ali-reza: among all my brothers , this one's the worst. you can never say no to him. he jus listens patiently to you for hours but in the end you gotta obey. i owe him my life & i mean it. he's a magician, he's the kinda guy that thinks every human has his own way to reach God & he tries his best to share his experiences, he turned this agnotic, cranky disastrous lush who didnt know a better place than bars to someone more tolerable. i went through terrible times fighting with the demons in my mind & he was there with a smile, i miss him & the mosque we spent lotta good times together(hell i miss boston), i guess i find my own path to salvation ; Islam's not as bad as you think. & i dont think im a terrorist, am i?!


Clyde & Hugh: these two guys were attached to each other from the first time i knew 'em, this couple made me believe there's a reason to live; there's someone to live for; they were kinda my parents; the worst parents anyone can have, i never know which one was the mom & which one was the dad, but i knew i was the baby. Gotta thank 'em for many nights they kept on talking to convince me it was a bad idea to end my life; better stop being a shit & act wise. well im still a shit with better ideas 🙂


Hilmy: he's my wise brother, formally funny. but i think he's really serious & seldom funny in his own way. ask him something & he has the answer right there. we have this sunday school, with e-mails never sent on sundays; he's a real christian & he jus let me look at christ differently.i never had the chance to meet him face to face but hope i can do it one day. (money needed!)


Kev: bro, bro, bro; he's my elder bro. we have nothing in common, jus same parents, some genes & of course the last name. we're not really like each other, ready to shoot whenever in sight. apart from all the fights we have, we try to stand beside eachother in hard time, that's why we never answer the phone when we're sure the other's in trouble 😆


Meg: omg, what can i say about her, jus a word & it can describe everything. she's the WIFE. say no to her & then you see death infronna yer eyes.


Rinnie: i dont have a sister, not one of my own, but this girl is the sister God forgot to give me. she's really honest, you can tell her anything but you have to be careful not to cross the lines; (hell i dont remember how many times i crossed the lines!) she tells you what she thinks & when she dunno what to say she simply says :i dunno. she's on my list of "wanna meet one day."


Zyven: another bro, the little one, he's always the last, the last to get ready, the last to finish his meal, the last to get to bed…. & mom was always angry at me or Kev cos he's the last. God you know how many times i wish something bad happens to him & you never listened to me. thanks for not listening. unlike Kev, Zyven's quite like me, kinda crazy i mean. not finished school yet (yes he's that small) waste most of his times with his bandmates; hell i told him many times that music cant bring him money, not in near future, but he doesnt wanna listen. well we, the bigger bros, try to support him anyway cos he's the last.

ps: Zyven was in fact Ziven, a slavic name means vigorous, seems my parents were creative for the last one & hell he's as strange as his name.



  1. I am grateful to all those people in your life that gave you reason to live…exp Ali-reza. Sometimes a person has to reach a personal bottom to look up. When the student was ready the teacher appeared.

    Aren’t babies just the best?!? I’m glad to you have your little Alex to bring joy to your life. 😀

  2. Yep, babies are a joy cryin’ fits, tantrums and all!

    True, there won’t be teachers if there aren’t willing students… 🙂

  3. hhmm i was thikin if i didnt meet those guys, i’d have a better life by now 🙂
    btw im not a good student

  4. well aren’t you glad you met them then?! haha

    thought you weren’t!(being a good student and all!) 😉

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