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geee, im so sleepy today. i spent a goddammed time looking for a heat treatment data we did some weeks ago; idiot boy i am, i had all my papers except this one, holyshit, it's one of those days that nothing goes right, gotta find it, i do need it, i dunno why i cant be a lil bit tidy so dont have to tear myself apart lookin in every corner & finiding's always the same, anything leanred?! obviously not. circles, circles, loops….. so to let my brain turn around itself more, i put a meaningless song of jbj (hey that's jon bon jovi not jus blowjob!)& let it play as long as my player has enough battery. i like this part: "Ooh, Ooh, la la laa – I was dancing with the Queen of New Orleans Ooh, Ooh la la laa- Dancing in the streets of New Orleans Ooh, Ooh la la laa- Dancing cheek to cheek in New Orleans Ooh, Ooh la la laa- It was almost like a dream That night I made a move, man I felt hard When I put my hands in her cookie jar She was more than a girl, she was a cabaret star I was a deer in the lights of a speeding car……" my mind is now in the condition of "fuck me hard cos im a bitch." better move on, it's getting late, i want my data! guess i know what happened to it. someone has thrown it out to the dust bin & now it's miles away, maybe recycled to something better. oh no, that's terrible, lazy lazy stupid boy i hate you , so shove off!


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