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"i feel like…" is the very first thing that comes to my mind ever morning (well of course after the bathroom process)

i think of a word & then that makes my day. this is the list of suggested words & their consequences:

1. Shit: it's a great feeling, your day's highlighted by different kinda shit, like bird shit on yer recently washed 4-wheel to boss shit who makes you work extra hours without paying extra money.

2. being lucky: well this is when there's something really wrong when you wake up, like colliding with a moving object aka sb's slippers or hitting yer head against the wall; this feeling gives you nothing except imaginary happiness.

3. feeling tired: this is after a hard working day without much sleep; you wanna stay in bed & sleep forever, well you better get up or there are some living creatures who are ready to break yer neck & let you lie there forever.

4. feeling blue: on this day all yo see is blue, blue sky, blue boss, blue milk, blue snow, blue sun…..

5. studying: this is so rare, apparently this means that there's something really wrong with yer brain. better go to doctor.

6. being happy: what?! wanna be happy?! oh no that's not on the list. if you feel happy then all those unfortunate events gonna happen.

7. enough, havent i said enough crap?! today i feel like being shitty tired, so better go to bed & read some books!

quote of the day: im not silly, well not as silly as you are. but im proud to say im a real jerkass.

question of the day: what's the difference between being "silly" & being "stupid"



  1. I relate to #3. I’ve been doing more and more of that.

    Silly to me is a compliment. It relates to funny behavior.

    Stupid is an insult. It is a slam against intelligence. My most hated word is “stupid”.

  2. mine’s # 2. jst hate it wen something hits me in the head as soon as i wake up, jst makes my day a whole lot more shitty!

    ‘silly’, acting funny unintentionally; ‘stupid’, acting funny intentionally… 😉

  3. sandra thanks for the explenation, silly has the same meaning to me. it’s more than enough to call me silly, guess i better call myself jerkass.
    hi mayang, seems you have the slippers problem, great. it’s so painful but most of th times it’s pillow & i appreciate!
    nice to know you 🙂

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