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i like the way my brain contorl my body. it's been a few days i was thinking about fixin my bike, obviously i didnt go further & keep it as a wish. but my brain thought i've gone cycling,as a result i feel so tired, and there's this terrible pain in my knee as if i have pedalled a long distance.

next time im gonan think of climbing Everest & see what happens, may be i die of frostbite 🙂



  1. Dork! 😀

  2. Hellboy: Imagine winning a million dollars and see what happens!

  3. sandra, you dont mean it, do you?! really?! in the neck then! 😆 FYI: a whale’s penis is called dork 😛
    mr angry: yo want me to have a heart attack?! if that unpossible thing happen, i’d die of hunger cos the girl & her mom gonna take the money & leamme on my own to live with some hungry bears (the polar kind!)
    btw US $ or aussie $?!? 🙂

  4. lmao, snort. DORK….DORK. I never knew that, but everytime I call someone a dork now I’ll remember where I read it first!

    I’ve had it in the neck with a dork! 😀

  5. hhhmmmm well that’s something to be proud of. im a dork!

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