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i know im so fuckin talented, but there are times i doubt it & there are other times i see some proofs.

today's one of those days i show my talent to everyone. this morning, well, it's still morning , i decided to make breakfast cos it's mother's day & show what a good boy i am; yeah brilliant!

so i started with coffee, some water plus some eggs, i prefer fried eggs, so one boiled egg for meg (she caught cold cos of so many snowballs i threw at her last night, but i feel no pity, she deserved it! yohahahha)

finished with setting the table, i went upstairs to wake everyone up; i really love this part. knock, knock, knock….. stay there till you're sure they're up. i used to turn the lights on as well; but it's useless here, sun's shining brightly most of the times!

i was tryin to convince the girl to wake up; she's the most sleepy creature i've ever seen, she likes to stay in bed till 8-9 (right, unpossible!) when mom-in-law knocked & said, there's something burning. BURNING , no way, i couldnt smell anything, then i was reminded that my nose's one of the useless parts of my body (beside my brain) i can never feel different smells when i have to & i always sense allergens from miles away!

cut the long story short; something was burning, i burnt the boiled egg, this was fabulously new. it's really hard to burn boiling eggs, first you gotta make sure you vaporized all the water(in my case i dont remember whether i put the egg in boiling water or jus on the cooker), then the egg must become really hot, after a while you can decompose some chemical compounds to carbon, apart from the big discovery yo made, the smell is terrible. we opened all windows to get some fresh air.

moral: everyone's so proud of me that they wont let me make breakfast for a while 🙂

i still love being a turtle

happy mother's day to all moms, i never dare to hate all moms, do i?!



  1. You’re the funniest! Thanks you so much for the Mothers day greeting. You nearly made me cry.

  2. well it’s great i could made some one cry, cos most of the times everyone make me cry lol!

  3. Such a sweet thought though, it’s the thought that counts despite the burnt boiled egg.

  4. hope others thought the same, but i like the result, no cooking for a week, genius me!

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