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fishing.JPGalaska news:

1. the rebel keeps picking on me! im jus concentrating on a way to tell her "shove off"

2. my only pet (aka my goldfish named Jose) died last night, i put him (may be her i dunno!)in the garbage & pray to Lord to bless my soul, adding my dear cactus which died a few days ago, this was the second loss in my little army, gonna be defeated soon.

3. mother's day , mother's day, mother's day.i hate all moms in the world (well not my own mom, God bless her soul)im so beaten off, oopsss sorry i mean beaten up verbally that i keep my gun handy, even while asleep.

4. there'd be a respectable funeral hold here for the brave soldier, Jose the fish, this evening (with the sun high in the sky). there's the possibility that he's been poisoned by some insects forcefully drowned in his water. the investigations will be continued until the arrest of murder. the suspect has an unclear fishy alibi.

5. zzzzzzzzzzzz sorry fell asleep. this place's so boring there's no special news here & if my mom-in-law stops quarreling with me, i'd be so fucking bored.

end of news, im hungry



  1. What would Mom-in-law do if you said “fuck off”?

    I will say a rosary for poor Jose. May he/she rest in peace.

  2. And I’m not ignoring the fact you “hate all mom’s” other than your own. Forty lashes with a wet noodle. 😀

  3. hhhmmmm i dunno the answer to yer question & as far as im a timid boy, i dont dare giving a try but guess the answer would be a hard kick in the ass!
    & i dont like yer punishment, so cruel, dont you know anything about human right?! 😀
    would it make change if i say i hate all mom-in-laws?!
    ps thanks for the rosary, jose’s gonna appreciate it, lol.

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