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cry.gifblank, blank, blank

there's nothing in my mind,this time im happy about it, i thought it's better not to write much till there's some peace.

i dunno why whenever i feel life can be interesting, God goes with the idea "let's screw him" & suddenly all those heavenly scenes vanish & im back in my dirty hell room, yeah it's quite like rest room!

life's been a bit hectic, but it was ok, i was doin ok, im born for tight schedule.

so accidentally & foolishly i told Meg, there wouldnt be much work for wednesday cos we're on the wrong track & gotta recalculate everything.

gee, silly bitch! it's the hunt season; yeah that's the news here. living in a small deserted city, cracking ice & hunting is the hottest news you can hear. so as it was obvious the family decided to gimme the job of baby sitting & enjoy themselves hunting ducks. pretty nice idea.

the girl was in my office right after lunch & apparently nobody did ask for my comment & they didnt realize i might want to join 'em as well.

make the long story short; the girl was in good mood (guess she's the only creature who understands me but i dont think it'd take long till she becomes a perfect jerkass) so we went shopping (she was attached to a shopping list).

shop shop shop, omg, there's nothing worst than this, i prefer electric chair to shopping. well there aint much choices here. lucky me!

it was a brilliant idea to think of the mother's day presents. generally nothing would happen if i pretend i forgot that day, wife'd understand but not her mom! oh holy shit; this kinda shopping is worst than the first. i gotta thank the girl for her wonderful help; i looked so miserable & helpless that a very kind lady wrapped whatever she thought was proper & i jus paid (FYI: paying is hard enough to make me cry)

back home, "soup" was a perfect idea for dinner; having dinner with the girl & then watching tv, i was half asleep when the other members crashed in.

till here the story was so great. it gives you a great feeling to be waken up by some kinda artificial storm & then had to hush the crying frighten baby.

the best part was that they were fucking tired, had a great time & lotta fun & it was time to get mad at whoever nearby.

i had one of the worst quarrels in my life with mom-in-law, & she was somehow happy by driving me mad.

so today i had to apologize for no good reason;well, sun's shinin' again!


the weather's getting quite warm 47-50 (i'd call it hot!) & with all the dust & pollen & whatever i dunno, im enjoyin sniff & tears.

im jus wondering what's next on my list of "let's screw this rude boy!"

this weekend gonna be a real hell, i dunno why we have mother's day but not father's day,it's not fair!

sorry for all this shitty rants, im trying to recharge my battery for weekend. i do need a godmother to give me some magical potion. yoohooo fairy godmother can yo hear moi?! yeah, right here, nope,not there, a little to left & north, hey you're pointing at a polar bear not me! 😦



  1. 🙂 Just your luck, the Fairy Godmother forgot her GPS system.
    Life can’t be as bad as mine is right now…

  2. well i dunno how bad’s your life at the moment, all i know’s that it’s snowing again! 😦 hope everything go back to normal in yer place , cheerrrrrrrr

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