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DSCN5528.jpgtoday's one of those days, those gloomy days that i'm not in the mood, i cant tolerate myself for a second.

i know the devil inside is laughing at me, but WTF! who cares?

i hate everything, sun wakes up so fucking early & goes to bed so late that leaves me no chance to enjoy my sleeping time.

readin some ol' crap of mine ,i noticed a change. recently i focus jus on my terrible humor; today i felt it's finished, im outta that little shitty creepy humor, it's jus the ol feeling of blue (dark blue, light blue, sky blue, navy blue, midnight blue, socks blue …..)

today im outta anything cos i got up so late that had to rush to work; as a result i cut my face while shavin & worst than that forgot my player , i felt so naked & depressed without it.

today's one of those days i feel like drivin miles in a desert listenin to loud music; well that's jus a feeling. here spring's coming slowly , with the temperature goin round 30-32, melting snow & some blossoms here & there; but the ice of kuskokwim river remained solid, it's gonna crack soon, but there's the possibility of water surrounding several house, yippeee we dont live near the river 🙂

Here I am
On the road again
There I am
Up on the stage
Here I go
Playin' star again
There I go
Turn the page



  1. I love your humor. Damn don’t go away funny boy!!!

    Have you considered anti-depressants?

  2. considering antidepressants?!?! omg, im a anti-depressed-ant myself.
    the feeling came & go, the only reason was i hate superficial cuts for being so fuckin painful+ not having enough sleep+ leaving my player at home 🙂

  3. Not having enough sleep makes me a miserable bitch! I know that is hard to believe….but BELIEVE it!

  4. yeah i do!

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