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nobody knows the exact look of bookworms; they vary in size, color & physical properties.

the only fact that everyone admits on is that they are not worms, unbelievable, aint it?!

as there was no chance to find a real bookworm, i couldnt conduct any survey or experiment. so i used an artificial bookworm (aka bookform) for personal intentions.

all i can say is that this creature has hands & legs & eyes & ears on each side.

they even have nose & mouth but apparently they dunno the accurate use of 'em.

bookworms are tolerant of any climate & physical conditions. rain, thunder, wind ,storm, snow, darkness, frost, fog…. cant stop them.

in an imaginary project these facts were extracted:

1. they dont read books but they eat

2. the accepted rate of eating is 1 page per minute

3. the consumed amount of paper is 55 page per hour (5 minutes for changin position)

4. they wont move from their hiding places even if you nuke 'em.

5. meals are burnt in an area of 0.4 square miles surrounding them

6. they dont have the right to sleep more than 3-4 hours till they finish eating their books.

conclusion: though these strange creatures-by-mistake might look innocent & harmless they have the potintial destructive powers so be aware of 'em.

weekend notes:

1. in my humble opinion "the davinci code" worth wastin 9-10 hours reading. it has lotta symbols & exotic signs & when you finish it you symbolically has the feeling of being hit by a dog shit. in other words you're fucked in the neck with metaphysical powers.

2. i entreat you to read that book if you have the intention of watching the movie.

3. im no friend of author & nobody gave me anything.

4. it's 32 days after that bloody wednesday(aka wedding day), apparently the peace star's shining again so it might end to weekend blogging which was banned for 4 weeks

5. Hope my soul's blessed cos a dreadful week's waitin for me

6. see you next week, it's tea time!



  1. You have described the “bookworm” perfectly. When I was 7 years old my teacher complained to my mom the Grand-Bastardette, that she was running out of books for me to read. At that point I had read 22 books. The norm for the class was 3 books. As I got older it only got worse. I don’t buy books, I go to the library. I never check out one at a time. 8-10 will usually get me through a week. The librarian says I am a fast reader…to her I say: ya think?!?

    “fucked in the neck with metaphysical powers”……man I can’t wait to use that!!! 😀

    I’m gonna be pissed if you don’t blog during the week. I know that rips your heart.

  2. wow im a book microbe comparin to yo, not at all like that specially when talkin about technical books cosi have no idea what a hell those bitches are saying!
    rip my heart?!? ok dont get p.o ed i try my best to do my homework!

  3. Ok, if it is homework you’re skipping blogging for..

  4. oopps there was made a mistake by some one known as sandra!
    i have homework , but they can be ok

  5. MOI??? mistake??? ok

  6. hihihi. well kinda my mistake, gotta put a big clock showing time in alaska!

  7. Born philosopher too it seems, the existence of bookworms? I wonder where that term came from…if you ever wanted to know:

  8. what a good link , thanks!
    i have Aristitole in my middle name, (jus kiddin, i’d killed myself if it was like that!)

  9. My granddaughter the Genius Bastardette, lives in wikipedia. She loves words….wonder where she got that from???

  10. i never tried living in wikipedia but gonna move there soon. may be i can meet her there 🙂

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