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Never take life for granted Whatever comes your way, Just grasp it in both hands And enjoy it every day.


Sometimes sorrow comes your way Blocking out the light, That's the time to pray and To know you'll win the fight.


Life is but a journey Through mountains, hills and vales We cannot have the sunshine If we have no rain and gales.


So enjoy each precious moment, And always give your best Remember keep faith in God Then you'll be truly blessed.


it's weekend again; yippeeeee, im takin all the residents of my place to Subway, may be i can influence the ones you know. i hope they can realise what a good lovely, loving, lovable, nice, kind, generous, handsome, funny, awesome, intelligent blah blah blah son iam.

ugggghhhh, seems this guy(aka me)'s so fond of himself, kinda tooting his own horn, there's this urgent need of puking.

have a nice weekend 🙂



  1. Thanks for the quotations, they are lovely and you have a good weekend too! It’s good that you are loving yourself again, I remember when at some point you seemed to have found that difficult.

  2. I am reminded, reading the quotes, of a time when life was not so good. I was complaining to a guy about it. He said that life is like the earth. On the mountain tops it is beautiful, but nothing grows there. It is in the valleys that the lush grass grows. He said that I was in the valley and spiritually growing. I told him, fine…ok, but “I’m choking on all this goddam grass!”

    And to you I say….He who tooteth not his own horn, the same shall not be tooted. 😀 Stollen from….I don’t remember.

  3. firstly i stole that quotes from some ol blog of mine; never understood the meaning.
    secondly hey sandra i didnt know you like eatin grass! &i like yer quote that was great

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