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back from weekend & someone tagged me.i hate being tagged. it's not fair to tag others, maybe they dont like it. but sometimes some tags are good. like this one:

Five minutes to yourself: how would you spend them, ideally?
well i have lota those five minutes, so why should i make a difference?! maybe i try to find my pen hidden under the piles of paper on my desk or find another poor cursed blog to leave my comment!

Five bucks to spend right now; how would you spend it?
jus 5$! what can i do with it?! maybe buy a ham & ice-creams!

Five items in your house you could part with, right now, that you hadn't thought of already?

actually i never part with anything, jus add more junks to my junk yard. but honestly these are five things i can get rid of instantly: the wife, the girl, the garbage in the can, my books, my stinky socks( they are watched every 100 days!)

Five items you absolutely, positively could never part with in your house?

my puter, internet, coffee,again stinky socks & obviously my parka

Five words you love?

fucking something, chocolate, ice-cream,hate, hell

Five people I tag
sandra, happy chick, rinnie, angry guy & myself again, yo gotta do it within 24 hours!

PS i'm retagged so im not gonna do the taggin one more time.



  1. Five minutes to myself is always spent checking my post….or checkin my ….neveermind.

    $5.00 – you gotta be shitting me. Starbucks frappachino

    5 things I could dispense of right fucking now….a dog, a cat, a litter box, a cat hairball any where in the house,cat puke.

    5 things I would never part with in my house. Four pictures that my grandmother painted after she was 80. My mortuary ion sleep inducing bed. (maybe get a new matress, but not the head and footboard)ok so 6 – my puter.

    Five words I love. fuck(in the neck with a harpoon), love (LV,my family,my kids at work), bastards(also my family),mmmmm let me think…, write(I’ve got to go post), extrapolate (if you can make sense out of my writing you can extrapolate anything.)

    Now if you tag my ass again I’ll make a trip to Alaska to personally kick you ass!

  2. Five minutes to myself :

    A glass of Guava juice next to me, reading a great book and sit in a front of a great scenary.

    Five bucks to spend right now; how would you spend it?

    5 USD = Rp. 50.000. hmm.. maybe “9 inch” book

    5 items you absolutely, positevely could never part with in yer house?

    My room, my cellphone, mypillow, my desk (you should stay away from there), and the rest is my clothes.

    Five words you love

    Holiday, Jakarta, peaceful, friend, fauzi

    Five people I tag:

    No tag 1! No Tag 2! No Tag 3! No Tag 4! No Tag 5!

  3. so many redneck here!
    FYI: when yo’re tagged yo dont have to comment on my blog, actually you shouldnt comment here.
    post it on yer own blogs, yo ……

  4. Thank you for playing along Hell Boy. I always wonder why people in cold climates still love to eat ice-creams? You really want to get rid of your wife and the girl? LOL

  5. thank yo for taggin me, never do it again, or yo’d be cursed!
    i still have no idea why i love icecream so much, maybe cos i’ve been eatin from my childhood or cos i see so much ice & it remind me of ice-cream.
    & i dont dare to think of gettin rid of the wife & the girl but im sure they’d be so glad if it happens to me 😆

  6. I’m not gonna post it on my own blog, cause everybody that reads mine also reads yours as it has a link right to hell. 😀

  7. therefore…these are the people I tag.

  8. ok ok got it!

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