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omg! what a movie! what did they mean by wastin money on such a crap.

they could gimme 1/100 of that money & i'd make 'em the best documenatary ever made!

btw im gonna do it sooner or later without their help.

the name would be something like this:

"fighting demons with empty hands

let's change nappy without being killed!"

wait for it, it's be in theaters by june!



  1. Maybe I’ll help you write the screenplay! 😀

  2. yeah that’s a pretty good idea, yo write i play, others run away!

  3. No….we’ll be good!

  4. ok, let’s give it a try, lemme ask the girl if she wanna help!

  5. OMG I saw that movie last year?!! Was it not THE single biggest peice of crap you have ever seen? I couldn’t believe it. I was laughing my head off the whole way through. 😆

  6. yeah, right!
    more funny than scary!

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