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there are times that my body cant communicate with my brain, maybe it's cos of bad weather that signals get lost on their way.

talkin to a friend while comin down the stairs, my foot decided not to follow the commands it got from my brain & steped on the edge of stair, puttin me in a metastable condition, then it was my other foot turn to give my brain wrong data, geeeeeee, metastable changed to unstable &&^*^*$^%*$$%&^*%$ bangggg, crazzzzsssssshhhh

i dunno why they put so many stairs there, i fell over 4-5 stairs, luckily landin on my hands not head. the only reason was my hands are near my brain & they were quick to analyze.

the result wasnt too bad, a little pain in my knee & some bruises here & there.

im jus wonderin what would happen if my head touched the floor!!!!

hmmm then with the impact everything would be back to normal & i'd become a wise guy!

untitled.JPG pic of the day: what a lazy boy! well i had to rush to bathroom, no time to be tidy! 🙂



  1. Dude, what would happen if your head hit the floor? If you’re anything like me, you’d probably crack the floor! 😉

  2. hhhmmm i think i’d get lost in earth’s crack, im sure im not anything like yo 🙂

  3. Several months ago I went out target shooting. There is a horrible drought here, so went to a dried up pond to set up the targets. Didn’t want to hit a stray cow you know. At the top of the hill I took one step, a rock came lose. While falling straight down and sliding down the hill on my ASS…my left ankle started twisting….all the way up to my ass. I went to the doctor a few days later, she said I’d been better off if I’d broken it. All the insides were torn up. Its a good think I fell on my ass also…lots of padding you know.

  4. padding, oh yeah. yer ass saved yer life some how !

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