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 God created human for what reason, i dunno. but his creature is really perfect, a true masterpiece, jus imagine if we had jus one eye or several noses, or three ears, 4-5 hands & 3 legs. we'd be awsome! human race is really lucky i wasnt his designer. are we really made outta soil? did Lord use a mold or jus shaped us till he thought it looks good!?! i dunno what was God doing when he created me, maybe he was chatting with Gabriel or maybe he was working on a natural disaster. any way im sure he was way too busy cos he forgot to put a very important part & i think it's called brain, geeeee Lord you better pay more attention to yer creatures & stop wastin time here & there; jus open yer eyes & see how many brainless guys are living on this planet (and maybe other planets) well i was lucky you jus put a little of it, but at least i have some, the fact is there are people that dont have brain at all. if you think you need to be buzzed by me everymorning to do yer job perfectly, i promise i'd take that job & save lota lives (yo gotta pay me good!) hey God dont get mad at me! you know im maniac, you created me, at least you gotta know me, i was jus kidding, please dont punish moi, naaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, guess a frying pan hit my head!

12.JPG PS i killed myself to take this pic, it's really hard to take a pic of yer own hand, doubt it?! ok yo try it. jus look at it, it looks perfect, no i dont mean i look perfect cos im not, im a pile of bones covered with skin. how could God know the exact size of my hand, my forearm….



  1. In his own image. 😀

  2. whose image?!?! mine or God’s?! what image!?!

  3. “did Lord use a mold or jus shaped us till he thought it looks good!?! ” In his own image.

    When I criticize you or me, I’m criticizing God’s handiwork. Stolen from the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book.

  4. aha, got it, sometimes i have understandin problem

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