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knowing him most of his life, actually all his life, i never had the chance to understand him.

he was quite moody. humor, anger & depression were the words attached to him.

changing between those moods so quickly that no one can explain or understand his feelings.

he was a good boy, responsible when asked to, quite shy, kinda aggressive, childish, crazy, strange sense of humor (strange cos sometimes he was funny other times he hurt others with his bitter humor without noticing), when he got angry it was wise to get outta his way , he could feel down in the dumps right after he had a great time with friends. he was a combination of akind-hearted man & a real be honest he was simply complicated.

RIP, i miss him badly, even now that he's still alive, but surely his wife gonna shoot him a.s.a she arrived home.

you dunno who am i talking about! i thought it was obvious, im talking about myself!

God bless my soul

i'd be happy if you come to my funeral. 😛



  1. It’s called BI-POLAR!!!

  2. hihihi, yo mean im bipoalr?!?! no way

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