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baby, im sorry.

i know i was a real pain in the ass, i know i broke your heart, i know you needed me.

im sorry.

i know there are times i should act like grown ups but you know i cant.

so please dont depend on me. dont let yer feelings hurt. dont act like shit, when i've taken the role of dickhead shit earlier.

thanks, i m gonna make dinner tonight so yo gotta wash the dishes. come home soon, well i know you'd be home before me, do you mind buying some tomatoes!

love you


ok not i have to select the text, ok, ctrl+C, open compose page, now ctrl+v; ok lemme kick send button.finished!

i gotta thank **** for their nice e-cards (that's not fuckin free 😦 ), i wouldnt apologize without 'em.

i cant believe my so many abilities of acting like jackass, guess she's really mad at me! *~*



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