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gone to a friend's place this weekend to watch birds cos they live near river & there're quite many trees round their place.

we spent quite a while watching a male bird ( well i dunno the name cos im not birdologist!).

he was there picking seeds & waiting. at last a she bird arrived, he was so happy that he started jumping up & down. then it was my job to help him, so i opened the window & shout:"yooohoooo"

obviously they flew away!

meg: ya nuts?!

me: doubt it?!

meg: why you did that, we waited quite a while to see those birds

me: i saved his life. it was obvious the she bird poisoned him & they feel in love.

meg *~*

note the name of those birds is "pine grosbeak:(Pinicola enucleator)



  1. You are the funniest thing……no wonder I adopted you. Our entire family is nuts and you fit right in. You know that means that happychick is also your adopted sister! 😀

  2. omg, thanks for adopting me in yer family, you’re jus texans, right?! i mean you’re not Sicilian, are yo?! i dont like mafia 🙂
    i try to behave good, but dont expect me much.
    & i’d be happy to have a sister, but it depends on happy chick!

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