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1. what is eggplant?

experiments show it's a kinda alien that long time ago collided with the atmosphere & the high temeperature froze it to a stone like material

2. what's the use?

personally i dont have any related experiment done on this matter, but rumor circulating northern part of earth indicates the possibility of being edible

3. how to make it?

in distant soil ,people go to grocery stores, choose a weird animal called aubergine & then pay for it. but with my new discovery there's no need to call aubergine, eggplant or vice versa.

firstly, open the fridge & choose one of the biggest available eggs.

secondly find a flowerpot, (if you dont have any, ask yer other plants to leave their pot for a while & come back when the eggplant is big enough to be picked!) then dig a hole.

thirdly place the egg in the hole then mulch it.

note: it's wiser to boil the egg for 10 minutes.

finally add some dark purple oil paint to the soil & water the egg.

it'd take quite a while to ripe. let the egg bulk out fully. adding some vitamins & spices can be helpful.

after 10 days you can pick yer eggplant & fry it. it's ready to eat. have a nice meal!

note: you better call emergency before swallowing the first bite.


PS i want some eggplant!

PPS the weekend was awsome, i jus laid on bed & slept, gee i lied i was busy with the laundry & ironin'.



  1. You are one funny man! Eggplant is great! I’ll try your way of growing them…..of course I kill SILK flowers.

    PS. Laundry and ironing is good for you. Builds character. And you ARE a character! 😀

  2. thanks for thinking im funny! but yo better be careful with the eggplant!
    & im jus wondering how can laundry & ironin build my charachter! 🙂

  3. You are so funny 🙂 great story!

  4. thanks, yo know i have to be funny, other wise i’m extremely unbearable; btw, it wasnt a story, im gonna win noble prize for the idea! 😀

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