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every week i hear things about myself, some of 'em true, some of 'em funny & some complete BS!

adjectives for the week: crazy, moron, lazy, asshole, jerkass, wacko, psycho, idiot, funny…..

all of 'em true! 🙂

something crazy: me & my girl went to a party (we have lotta party here cos we dunno how to spend our time & dont forget the sun's still out after10 pm!) & as it is obvious i was rocking the whole place, jumping up & down, being crazily naughty like small boys, then a real moron came ot me & my home mate (aka wife) & asked: ya siblings?!

we: wtf!?*^&*$#&&^$#^%, no way!

conclusion : i dont deny that im crazy but some guys are real knuckle heads, it'd be a lot better to take a quick look & think a bit before saying anything! well i doubt this guy had any kinda brain! 🙂

the last thing about this week: well it's still thursday & i have another working day! 😦

question: why people think im way too young to have a family of my own?

answer: they're fucking jealous of me! 😆


Edit: my girl=my wife. hell i dunno why i still use "my girl" to refer to the wife, somebody slap on my face & remind me "im married!",

thanks in advance



  1. I agree. I was 21 my hubbie 28 when our eldest, The Bastard, was born. They gotta be jealous. And you know what… isn’t any of their friggin business anyhow.

  2. you’re right! thanks for the support 🙂

  3. Must be quite hard at first to get adjusted to married life 🙂

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