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i really didnt want to write about this, but it's something that really makes me nervous & i feel that i cant deal with it on my own.

i know it may look foolish but it's quite a problem of a sort.

it's been a while we're thinking of having another little human & populate the world a lil more. some guys think it's a pretty good idea, some says we better let the girl grow up a bit( i think she's grown up that bit!) & then think of another.

i dunno how's like to be an only child cos i have 2 idiot bros; though i really dont get on well with'em & barely talk to each other, we had a good childhood, so it's not bad to have a brother or sis. so i think it's quite wise to add another member to this moron family of mine!

on the other side, we're a bit young (25-26) & it's hard to deal with all the bills specially in here with the prices 2-3 times higher than other places in US. so we better dont do anything foolish, we can be the girl's friends as well as her parents!

but what if later we regret not giving the chance of a happier life to the girl!

sometimes i wish this baby could talk & tell us what she feels but we gotta wait at least 5-6 months to hear her first word .(i pray it's not "shit" or "fuck….. jus something lovely like mom or dad & i know it'd be better for her to say dad first :lol:)

i really dunno what to do.

"to have or not to have, that's the question!" hellboy Shakespeare



  1. you said it yourself “we’re a bit young”. there is still time to have another child. maybe you aren’t at the right place in your life right now to do so. think about the bills, think about the amount of money a child will cost you, how much time you have, etc. find solutions to each of those and then i say go for it. how old is the child you have right now?

  2. I have 3 children. The first two were twenty one months apart. Eight years later the other one came along. I am comforted knowing when I depart this world they will have each other. Of course they are rude and sarcastic to each other. But they would fight hell for each other.

    The neat part of that is that I also have 6 grandchildren and 2 great g/children. And I’m only 39…lying there. 😀 on the 39 part….the rest is true.

    People are having kids older and older these days. You’re both young. Enjoy the one you have. Let her be your baby girl for a while, she will grow up much to quick.

  3. the truth is i do things when im not in theright place. if i do things i'm time then i wont be hellboy anymore! 🙂 . the thing that i dont worry about is time; we have lota spare time. when yo live in "the last Frontier" yo dont have much to do, no bar, no theater,….even fucking round the streets' not too wise, so lota time to spare, the biggest problem's the money matter. im really good at wasting money (like others) but saving?! nope. if we get rid of the house & car loans, then there wouldnt be much to worry, but the problem's till then we'd be too ol for having a baby & it's time for grand kids 🙂 & the girl's 8 months , 7 days & some hours ol', she's growin so fast! 😦 Sandra thanks, you're so great, yo gimme some courage to do more stupid things :-* btw
    hhhmmm guess you're 93! guess 38-39 is the age of yer son! 🙂
    my next dream: having grand kids & great grand kids in 30 years time (hihihi)

    btw you're really lively, i think some people are always young!

  4. Asking the big questions now hellboy! OK, my advice (2 kids of my own) – think long and hard about the differences a 2nd kid would make: expenses, lifestyle and just staying sane. If you’re sure you’re ready for it the why not? BUT if you have ANY doubts – just wait a while. You’re young and you have plenty of time to take this step later.

  5. hhhhmmm, im still thinking, gonna find out this weekend! 🙂
    thanks for all wise advices! guess i better a lil longer

  6. My eldest, The Bastard is 38
    His sister, The Bastardette is 36
    His brother, The Bastard Jr, is 28

    I am 59 years old. I work with juvenile delinquent kids, and have for now into the 12th year. I have helped raise about 1,000 of them.

    I wouldn’t take a zillion dollars for my children. They keep me young.

    Where the hell do you live anyway?

  7. woah, thanks for the info, i went through yer blog & found some of ’em out 🙂
    well i live in a hell jus below hell with lota ice & snow called Bethel, it’s in AK!

  8. Bethel would be too cold for me. I’m a warm weather creature. We usually have one ice storm a year. Rarely does it snow. In December we had 90 degree weather.

  9. did i invite yo here?!
    i wouldnt do this even to my enemied let alone yo!
    it’d be wiser i come to yer place!

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