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this post is about:the relationship between the interfacial energies and the contact angle in heterogeneous nucleation.

i was sparing my free time on the above thing, getting myself into the big trouble of so many integrals & differentiatings, at last approached the answer, "jus sustitue this huge equation in another ultra large equation & i'm done" this was what i wondered!

geeeee i was wrong! finished all the math i had a fraction of cosine! omfg, this wasnt the answer.

so reviewing the whole problem with my prof, he agreed that i had done everything correctly & couldnt see the point why i got the wrong answer, asking for a time to take a thorough look!

some while later…..

prof: ^%&%^*^&#$^^&&^$#@!# (well not really) yo missed a MINUS.

me: oh heavens!

new trigonometry equation:

cos^2 (a) -1 = sin^2 (a)

im this stupid!




  1. Although I have no idea what this equation is about, not very good at maths etc. It happens quite often that missing a single digit or such can cause the whole thing to go wrong. We should all be born robots 🙂

  2. The answer is 42 dude!

  3. Now I’m a math lover, but I’m old. I might as well have been reading a foreign language. 😀

  4. hhhmmm born robots! not a really bad idea but i dont think any robot factory really wanna make robots like me, im so unique 😆
    mr angry , right answer , but what was the question!
    Sandra, wanna learn a foreign language?! hhhmmm yo can come here & learn inuit or yupik, so fine & so difficult! 🙂

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