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once upon time there lived a fairy tale boy, who didnt have a fairy story tale!

so he decided to make his own story, to be told over & over again for ages & children love him & adults praise him.

so here is his story: once upon a april, there was a beautiful princess walking in a icy road, let's call her snow white! then our lil hero came on the stage, burning lotta gas in his extra large Chevyokes (it's a brand new car) engine- gimme fule gimme fire gimme that which i desire,ooopps sorry somebody turn that player off!- hhhmmm where was i?! aha, Fuel is pumping engines
Burning hard, loose, and clean And on I burn Churning my direction Quench my thirst with gasoline, splashing white cold pieces of ice aka snow onto the road & outta the blue to our beautiful princess!

what happened next?! hhhmmm wellthe lovely princess cursed the moving thing & suddenly one of the auto's tire explode. so our hero jumped outta his moving creature & change the tire, thankful to Lord he had his spare tire! & decided to use sled next time!

end of fairy tail!

conclusion: though nothing's healthier than changing yer flat tire in open cold air, i have a terrible backache.

suggestions: dont use cars, dont get flat tires, dont live in northpole, leave yer car & walk home, who gave yo the right to drive, yo idiot!?!



  1. Texas is a big place. I drive 52 miles a day round trip to work and back. Now, I could walk, but 100 degree is pretty hot to be walking in for hours. And who would have the energy to deal with juvenile delinquents after all that. I guess they would have to take care of me instead of the other way around.

    Fairy tale… the lottery and call in rich.

  2. 52 miles?! do yo go round the whole state? i think yo meant 5.2 miles lol! if you can walk 52 miles per day then you’d be a super hero & i have to write another fairy tail jus about yo! 🙂

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