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as you can see, they put round parts made of tin by the doors to prevent snow from coming inside or piling infronna enterance 

on the way to hotel, Bethel was like this a while ago 

this is our hotel, Barrow has 3 hotels that cost you an arm & leg. we rented a room with kitchen costing 200$ per night. the restaurant was really expensive so we jus ate there twice & cooked the rest of the time. it was a good hotel & there was a major difference between ther & other hotels. yo had to take yer shoes off in order not to smear the floor with mud & snow. it was pretty nice, making you feel your at home!  

after a little rest we took a taxi & went round the place, the driver was a japanese guy who's been living there for 5 years & was satisfied with his fares are more expensive than Bethel. for example yo have to pay 8$ for long distances but in Barrow they get 6$ for  very short distances. 

totally Barrow's like Bethel,  you cant see various facings but  there were few disrepaired buildings. 

a recently built neighborhood 

some place near the center of Barrow 

this is Barrow Library with 50000 books & 10000 videos, every year over 70000 people visit here! 

there were 6 puters with internet access 

in a corner of the library we met this guy, drawing on a whale tongue ( ?!@?!?well it's not a tongue i know!). Whenever Eskimos hunt a whale they use its plates for drawings or other things. whales are the most important quarry of Eskimos. yo can see lota whale bones & plates in public places or tourist centers!FYI: Whales have baleen plates and take small prey by the mouthful, mainly in the form of drifting (planktonic) crustaceans such as copepods and krill, but they also occasionally consume small schooling fish or squid. these plates are covered with long hairs! 

as you can see in the drawing yo gotta hunt a whale with spears. 

this guy's called "Vernon" he's 29 & he spent some time in library to teach children (& others) how to draw on baleen plates. 

this guy cut the plates with knife &  drew on it. 

FMI (for my interest) they  oil the plates & put 'em in sunshine to dry. & then use a pen with a hard point. the plate is inflexible so they have to be careful while drawing cos they cant erase anything! 

OK enough for the first  day, im gonna post more later. 😉



  1. I hope you’re not going to shoot me down crustaceans live on crust station you know 🙂

  2. i may think of it! 🙂

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