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 we started our trip by plane from bethel to anchorage then fairbanks & at last barrow. this is the only way you can get there. Generally few people go to Barrow so there're only 2  return flights from Anchorage to Barrow with an hour stop in Fairbanks. one in the morning & one at night. on our flight 19 out of  26 guys on the plane came to Barrow. it took us 2 hours from Anchorage to Barrow & we got there by 9.30 am.Barrow airport's quite like Bethel's. but it's much smaller & doesnt have the handcraft section.airport.jpg

the first day was a bit cold, luckily our hotel was near the airport so we walked to it & didnt pay for the taxi. 🙂

this pic's taken a few minutes before landing.




Airport building 


there was no conveyer belt there & the luggage was pushed outta a black curtain, i tried to take a pic from this guy but he disappeared behind the thick curtains! 😦






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