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first of all gotta say though im not very religious , i have my own devilish beliefs that are jus my own way of respecting my creator so im not anything satanic nor an angel.
i was born innocent, no doubt, but it’s so fucking hard to keep yer soul clean, so unwillingly (or willingly) there are some unwashable dirt on my soul. 😦
hhhmm so im not really looking pessimistic to life, jus think the more i live the more i forget my creator, thus more sins.
what i have on my calender: 16th april:Easter+ a friend called & told me 16th april is the birthday of Prophet Mohammad. bingo , here comes some develish analysis.
Islam: terrorism
Christianity: forgiveness
me: why?!?!
yeah, why? it’s so simple, cos we close our eyes & ears , & try to convice ourselves that everything they show is right , IT’S NOT IDIOTS!
i ,as a member of one of the biggest nations in this world famous for their racial discrimination, stupidity & thought of all Muslims are born murders, have nothing different to say.
jus want a little ponder about the reality.
the idea of “an eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth” is perfect when done with other perfect rules.
in my humble opinion,all muslims are not terrorists; their religion is more complete than christianity; it’s true there are many forbidden things in it that most people (including me) dont like ’em. but the gospel is all those rules are for our own salvation!
conclusion: i got lota happy easter & sermonizing mails with the purpose of evangelizing but only a call from a very close bud congratulatin’ me on my marriage….. & reminding me of that special day jus before hanging up.
im not ranting, jus asking a simple question: why dont Muslims try to proselytize about their religion & jus mangle it? is it really hard to show other people round the world the good points?!
im done!
Happy 16th April to all Muslims & Christians.


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