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Main Entry: honeymoon
Function: noun
Etymology: from the idea that the first month of marriage is the sweetest
Date: 1546
1 : a period of harmony immediately following marriage
2 : a period of unusual harmony especially following the establishment of a new relationship
3 : a trip or vacation taken by a newly married couple
–honeymoon intransitive verb
–honeymooner noun
i havent written about myself in here, surely it doesnt mean that i dont write about my life at all, i made here for my thoughts not my personal life but as long as this part of my life’s really twisted with my thoughts there’s a little need of knowing me.
first about the entry, looked up the meaning of honeymoon in order to use it correctly & not to leave some misunderstandings. 😆 to me the third meaning is more appropriate.

ok let’s get back to the purpose of this post.
act one, scene one: the clock strikes 9 times anouncing it should be dinner time, though mr sun’s still out & doesnt wanna go to his bed .
me lying on bed upside down waving my legs in air, listening to “did my time” by KoRn, trying to get to the last level of Pirate poppers.
??: hey hellboy (put my name here), let’s have our last dinner, im really hungry.
me: no way, i had too much for lunch, dont wanna have anything, go on yer own.
?? angrily: yo mean it
me: yep, move on, i wanna be on my own
??: sure?
me: yes honey
??:%$&%^(%&$#*%^%$$# (some very romantic words that cant be written!)

scene two:1.5 hours later:
?? is back to the room, im almost done with pirate poppers ( i really enjoyed this game)
??: hey move yer %*(^&@%&^%@$$ i wanna sleep.
me: shitttttttttt, jus 10 more minutes, k?
??: ok jus 10 minutes
me continue playing,
??: where’s yer cell phone
me: under the bed
?? : omg, yo’re dammed lazy
me nodding (it’s obvious i cant deny!)
?? begins talking, 5, 10, 15 minutes, still talking, moi still playing, suddenly her tone changes
me stop playing & jump to grab the phone
bang crash#*^)^*U$&^(^&#@$@!^&^%(&^#@
10 minutes later, lights off.
??: did yo really have to jump on me like a roaring polar bear
me: yey, yo know we’re in north pole & im a polar bear
??: hey we didnt see any bear here yet
me: im gonna get one for you tomorrow before returning, ok?
??: i jus wanna see one not to have one.
me: no you’re not gonna have it, im gonna ask it to eat yo…..
accidentally i fell down the bed.

scene three 15 minutes later……
me: still awake?
??: yeah, yo’re turning & twistin too much & dont lemme sleep.
me: ahaaaa
me: are we really on honeymoon?
??: seems so.
me thinking a bit: should i write “married” when filling infronna “marital status” from now on?
a little pillow fight begins.



  1. Congratulations on your marriage!

  2. thanks so much:lol:

  3. notable blog!

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