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some guys who get to my blog randomly (without knowing me) might think im a crazy, lazy boy who has nothing to do except playing games, listening to loud music, driving everyone mad & write irrelevant comments on other’s blogs (it’s a very difficult thing to write foolish things!)
the truth is im that boy as described but with little disgusting responsibilities given to me unwillingly aka working, doing house work -sometimes- , babysitting (including changing nappy & playing with her), wifesitting……
some tips:
1. if you havent made the most stupid thing in yer life yet aka marriage, i beg you not to do it!
2. hhhmmm i dunno what else to write here.
3. the next few posts are about Barrow, the northernmost city in northern hemisphere, a perfect place for crazy couples (me & my girl) to spend a few days with polar bears as their honeymoon.
hope you’re not bored with ’em. Barrow’s quite like Bethel (where i live) but more unbearable. 🙂



  1. Already getting tired of married life? 🙂

  2. sssssssshhhhhhhh dont say so, i dont want a punishment!

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