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seems i missed a few days blogging; actually it was weekend & you cant expect much at these times, nothing really special for this weekend. lemme think……
arsenal lost the match against man utd. i cant say anything jus fcuk ’em all.
i hadnt finished my reports yet & that means lota analyzing, typing, discussion & all those foolish stuff you see in a good essay. omg! 😦
i have the greatest time of my life & spent more than a day in bathroom busy with puking & the runs…..; i really cant get it. why all those idiot viruses attack me every now & then, i’d been sick for 2 weeks & i felt a little better when i got something new. is it really fair?!?!
aha i know it, these viruses are the same as computer viruses & worms; cos they cant get to my puter easily (im always ready for ’em) they get into my body.
gotta write about infectious disease of humans and wild animals (aka puters). im sure it’d be the best & most complete book of it’s own kind (well surely it’d be just one that’s written by me) & they’re gonna gimme the nobel prize for saving million lives from so many unknown diseases.
note: i really want a nobel prize & i dont care about the field cos they dont give anything in materials; they always put ’em in physics or chemistry or whatever; hey you guys ,there is no other major as important as materials eng. why cant you see it?!
foot note: i cant see the importance either!
& the last part is just a paragraph to praise my so many skills; at last i moved my lazy ass & get myself a pair of sneakers; yippeeee; dont be envious; im not gonna share it with anyone & well it’s jus too white, it’s be black in a few days & within 2 weeks you doubt the color & the matter i used it for jus 2 weeks. dont applause, i know im that lazy 😆
see you in hell; gotta do my homework 😉



  1. materials eng…is that to do with textiles?

  2. material science & engineering
    one of the craziest things invented by university managers to earn money & i love it so much

  3. And you must be super-intelligent to study that!

  4. not really, jus have pile of rusty talents that dunno what to do with’em.

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