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do you know what ufso is? im gonna tell you. it's unidentified flying shouting object.

never heard of?!

well there are some of 'em here, i mean in my home.

they're not really rare & they can be anything.

most of the times they appear at nights when playing loud music or singing with my MeTallica songs.

i know i sing really well but not every one agrees on it. you know some guys cant understand music & the beauty of it so they cant recognize a cool voice like mine.

aha let's talk about ufso. ufso hhhhmmmm, think you're listening to fuel with the volume up (fuck the neighbors!) enjoying yerself when one of these moronic ufso hit you; i dunno why they dont look where they are flying. the good thing about 'em is they shout things like :"shut up, ^%&$%&Y%^ &" and similiar things that means i have to close my beautiful mouth. 😦

i have told these foolish ufso to fcuk off me but seems they are deaf.

what are ufso? they can be anything like slipper, book, pillow, CD, pen anything that can fly a good distance!

how to defeat 'em? i have no idea. but im working on my anti-ufso helmet. im using some special alloy that's really tough, hard, light, & has good deformation 😉 probably a Ti alloy; i have to use my material knowledge some where!

let's get back to work


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