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what do you know about this idiot guy?

all i can say is that he’s fucking funny & i feel pity for him cos no matter how hard he try to look frightening i look worst than him w/o any make up!

let’s get back to ‘tallica!

Hebrews born to serve to the pharao

Heed to his every word living in fear.



  1. I didnt get the Hebrew part, but i totally agree on the Marilyn Manson thing. I went to school with a girl who was obsessed with him {do I need to say she was disturbed?} and just the things she told me, I thought- what kind of a freak could do this????
    Eating Puppy dogs, drinking random peoples spit and sweat and blood…. it’s enough to bring up my dinner…… xx

  2. hebrew part is jusa few lines from Creeping death by ‘tallica.
    & yeah M. manson’s really disgusting but im jus watchin him cos i wanna annoy somebody. till now im the only one with the headache 😦

  3. your a bunch of faggot’s you fuckin ass fucking jews

  4. the same as u, better watch your tongue!

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