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i have this hard job of discovering new things about myself (or my surrounding space) every now & then.

today discovery: i found my ol soul.

there was a while i was so depressed & pain in the ass; i was so quiet, too polite, so responsible & other adjectives that really didnt suit me.

now im trying to fit into my ol' clothes; im back with my bitter humor, loud deafening music, messy room, rotton meals, piles of books to read, endless chatting (this one's not serious) & thousands of rusty ideas.

let's get down to business! 😉



  1. Yes, I believe that trying to fit into the norm or trying hard to please is a very difficult thing…but sometimes much easier. Great that you have found yourself, hope you can be happy and love the skin you’re in.

  2. thanks, but it seems i can fit into it, i dunno what happened to it; gotta fix it 😆

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