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recently i discovered something really important. i dunno why they didnt say it in the news, but i dont really care.

im sick, it's a new disease that's very deadly. the name is "zag zag mind".

lemme tell you the symptoms: first you feel you're a bit dizzy, sometimes little headaches, then sniff & cough. after that you feel better but it's a sign that you're getting worst. you wanna stay in bed & dont go to work. you ask others to do your homework but they dont. you want new pair of sneakers; you hate rain & snow more than anythingelse in the world. you wanna rest & watch tv. you think tmnt isthe best tv production & 4kids is the best channel in the world. you think soccer is the best sport & you feel happy when you hear arsenal won juventus 2-0 though you dont support any of 'em. you wanna break tv when there's a nba game.

you think everything looks lovely after several days; everyone loves you. but the truth is the life sucks.

you dream of the day you have finished yer papers, your nightmare's when a prof ask you for more work & your last wish is to get a degree in materials.

in the end you feel there's something heavy in yer brain; this heavy thing turns to a heavy liquid like mercury or molten steel & then it changes to gas & vaporize. what yo ugot then?! empty brain. it's a good vacuum media for scientific experimients. this far you have a zag zag brain, but i dunno the rest cos i havent experienced it yet; gonna inform you asap!



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