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lost in the middle of responsibilities & books; i had no time for a fucking cold. but it jus came; without knocking. it's over 10 days now & i still cough in the mornings. jus used to it.

but the main reason there was no update was i had nothing worthy to write. none of my crap were ever worthy to read but this time i didnt have anything interesting.Image007 (2).jpg

the life's passing so fast, that i dont have any time to take a look at mirror to see i getting ol! 🙂

every morning i say today's my day but it's not. im not in the mood of making that day mine so i let it pass. so foolish 😦

thought i could get up early today but it was half past 6 when i opened my eyelid to view another day.

im thinking of making this day mine; though it's a bit late. i took a look at piles of books waiting for me & tones of homework; geez , im not in the mood of reading or doing 'em.

today's my bro's birthday & i didnt bother myself to get him something. so colse we are!

life's so funny we spend many times with strangers we dunno much & we think it's a waste of time to spend a few minutes with those we know a life time.

i wish i could give a shock to my rusty brain & made everything look better. i dont say i dont like my surrounding; it's so great but sometimes it bore me.

^%$^&#$&# i dunno why i feel so sleepy; seems drinking coffee wasthe worst thing to do; jus give me headaches. better get some rest & stop pressing buttons in random order to make 'em look wise!

im trying to find my old version; i dont like the new me though others think i look wiser & quieter. gotta dig through my rusty brain & get that inner shit out. i wanna rock the world again with my foolish ideas. why should i look wise?! 🙂

PS this cake's a symbolic sign for sb's birthday who was unavailable, say cheese, im taking yer photo!


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