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hhhmmm i really dunno the answer, this is what i read in a friend’s blog & promising her i would write a post about ’em.
but the truth is when you feel lonely & miserable yerself & yer writing about your misery & daily life, you’re talking about poor people somehow. 🙂
but as long as i promised i wanna write about life of the handicapped in US (sometimes i wish i was disabled for a few & many advantages, im gonna say)
as everyone know these people are highly respected. alomost every cross section has special lights with familiar pulses so even blinds can cross streets& find the desired direction.
all the places that normal people can go is equipped for disabled too. most buses & public transport have automatic ramps. ( i have only seen once, seems it’s not really useful; jus waste of
buildings have ramps too; there are special elevators for the disabled everywhere even in places that have few stairs & using lift is uneconomic. (e.g. 84th ave. )

most restrooms (over 90%) in public places have special designs for the disapbled 😉
places like gym have special lockers & showers for the handicapped. but the most important thing isthe special parking places.
this is one of the most important thing to consider when we have lack of parking space. well there are many illegal parking places but parking in those places is equal to being towed & paying at least 1000$ plus 20 $ for each day that’s kept. 😦
so you better not to think about those free illegal spaces even a milisecond.
-i wanna be handicapped!!!!!-

aha if you like to park in such places you gotta have a handicapped licence plate!

in ceremonies that a deaf guy comes there should be special translators to translate each and every part of it even the songs….
aha i forgot the captions!
guess im done!
mission complete. hihihihi



  1. I don’t know either buddy.

  2. hhhmmmm no help at aLL :LOL:

  3. Bravo!!! Good job! i’m proud of u.

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