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im ordinary , dammed ordinary but didnt notice it. when i was young, i was a naughty kid who enjoyed climbing anything specially walls & trees; when grew older i was so fond of dynamics , mechanics & 3D integrals; when went to university thought i have something to say; something new.

now i realized i havent achieved anything, im not special, jus an ordinary guy that a few people notice, actually no one.

all the days are the same, getting up, checking mails…., goin to school (aka univ.) back, checking blogs…, sleep. add some meal to it too.

im so ordinary no one can see me, no one cares noticing me. im ordianry; not tall not short, not thin not fat (well maybe a bit thin); not ugly not handsome; not shabby not well-dressed.

im ordinay, the same ol’ jeans, the same ol’ sneakers (gotta replace it but no money, no honey), the same cap, the same dark clothes, the same backpack, the same loud music. crawling to an empty space in a bus or train, opening a thick book & drowning in , not paying attention to the suroundings.

im jus ordinary, so dont ask much about me.

im ordinary as hell, dont bother yourself knowing about me.


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