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what a weird question? to have or not to have! hhhmm what i wanna have?!

well im talking about friends, i mean buddy. some one you can trust , someone you can LOVE, someone who cheer you up when crying, someone to give you courage when you need, someone to lean on when weak & things like this.

do i have such a person? nope. am i that close to anyone? nope

when you’re expecting such things from someone, you gotta do the same for him/her. am i that responsible? nah


Got no time to be on the road
Got no holes in my shoes
You’re the reason all my friends are gone
But I won’t run from you

guess i wanna be on my own, alone, i need such a person but im not ready to do my responsilities, lemme play with my toys & watch cartoons. fuck loneliness, lemme die on my own, i dont think such a person’s born yet. i dont think there’s some one as crazy as me.

let’s have a party & celebrate another depressed day. i love feeling blue. 🙂



  1. Why, everyone has that person. That person was made- for you. In my case, I have several. People whom I would swim across oceans for. Give my life for. You’ll know them when you meet them. You just will.
    I can be sure of one thing- you will not die alone. Interesting{albiet slightly depressing} people never die alone.
    You will find them. Until then, keep on blogging. You will always have a listener- I will listen.
    🙂 keep on smiling! xxchick

  2. thanks ofr the support; i dont wanna travel long distances. i have my loved one jusby my side; but she some times get on my nerves 😦

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