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it’s been a while that i feel really depressed, i dont like smiling, i dont feel like cheering.

i thought it’s not obvious but it’s dammed clear. it’s fun somehow. people keep asking “what’s wrong dawg” and me jus lie “nothing, im ok”

the truth is i dunno the answer, i think i can never smile again, this world makes me sick. there’s something wrong in it that affect my feelings. i dont wanna smile, i dont wanna cry, i wanna be sad, jus sad.

everything’s late, wanna know why? i tell you, there’s nothing fair in this world, good people dont have money, poor people are jus poor, when you need the money you dont have it, lack of money cause lota problems, on the other hand bad guys have lota money, hey lord why everything’s so complicated?

note: password protected: means i didnt want you to read it & i didnt want it in my diary, ok?


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  1. you like blue, n’aahh I dont like blue I just like Backstreet Boys, coz they cute..

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