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Fill in the blanks (1 point each)

  1. Name: Sima
  2. Age: 21
  3. Sex: Female
  4. Location: Tehran
  5. Birthday: 7 Dec. 1984 (well in my ID it’s sometimes in the middle of summer cos my folks wanted to send me to school one year earlier!)
  6. Birth place: Tehran, Iran
  7. Mother tongue: Farsi
  8. Other languages: English, a little Arabic & a very very… very little German
  9. Religion: Islam (well, it’s what written in my ID but actually I don’t think I’m a Muslim, I just try to keep within my own accepted moralities & virtues)
  10. Height: 155cm
  11. Weight: 49kg
  12. Occupation: student (4th year of mat. Eng.)
  13. Interests: playing pc games, listening to music, running, cycling, climbing(anything including walls & trees), reading, judging people, watching TV, eating chocolates, having toothache, backache ….
  14. Favorite movies: LOTR, Godfather (all 3), scar face, any Al Pacino movie, gladiator, Harry Potter-hp, do you remember it?-(goblet of fire), most of Mel Gibson’s movies, Nemo, Shrek, Shark tale (most animations)
  15. Favorite songs: all ‘tallica songs specially King nothing, mama said, frantic, dirty window, unforgiven, my friend of misery & the god that failed. JBJ: wanted dead or alive, it’s my life, distance, keep the faith, most of deep purple’s songs & black Sabbath, generally anything metal or hard rock
  16. Family: 2 sisters, one 25 (studied English literature) & the other 17 (still at school), my mom ( I love her so much), my beloved daddy died 6years ago (heart failure- I miss him so much), 2 aunts, 4 uncles , 1 granny, 12 cousins (what a big family!)
  17. Wish list: wanna take a trip round the world specially Egypt, climb Everest, have my own viper & drive in a rally , got my doctor degree, write my own computer game, try scuba diving, parachuting, don’t live more than 30-35 years (14 years remaining)
  18. Goals: finish my study, have my own job & income (don’t wanna live on my own), try not to be like others (puppets), love animals specially cats & dogs(animal phobia), find my own path to salvation
  19. Motto: never give up the fight, so better die young

Life time over view: hmmm what should I say here?! Lemme think! First I know you’re bored by now, sayin “what a hell! it’s none of my business & interest to know who you are & what you like” & maybe you gave up before getting to this line. But I wanna go on. Actually there was no need to write these or even confess cos we’re not gonna meet in real world (cos you don wanna meet me& more than that I don’t have enough money for such a trip);while I could spend my time writing my homework, well it’s my time & I wanna write crap as much as I like (mto). Hope my English is clear ENOUGH, I’m not American (but idiot), never been abroad but I have quite a good imagination. I love learning other languages, I have watched many cartoons(ninja turtles) when I was a little kid (the reason my English’s a bit OK) & I just think in English & don’t do the foolish translation from farsi, I sense the language so I have no problem with it generally, though my vocabulary sucks. I had my Toefel when I was 16. & to my point of view English is one of the most easiest languages in the world. well I don wanna write about my life but one thing I wanna say, I enjoy writing & I‘ve written a few shitty BS stories, I always write my diary in English (since I was a little kid, never wrote in my mother tongue, I dunno why!) and like all other writers (the person who writes in general) I take the place of my own characters, & about the boy called Keith, I really dunno where it came from, I have no idea about him, I don’t think if such a person exists, it’s just I was bored, blue & outta my mind. fucking round net, joining several groups & hell the story began. I dunno why Boston, maybe it’s because I wanted to study in MIT but gave up the idea when I was convinced I cant live on my own in a foreign country (I’m a real brat, though I may look quite independent I cant stay away from home for a long time, once we went to another city-me& my class mates- for 3-4 days, I cried most nights missing home! hehehehhe, what a brat!). Now I know quite a lot about Boston as if I lived there but I’m tired of this foolish character of my own. For a while I was really in love with him, he was just me, living where I wanted to live & he was just he & not a she. But when your character meets other people ….. then things come outta yer control, you have the influence over one part not the whole story. So after 6-7 months I had a character I didn’t like, it was doing whatever he wanted, I wanted to get rid of him cos he was really influencing me, taking most of my time& energy, I was him & I didn’t know what happened to myself! But he was so dammed connected with his cyber world (the place he was the boss & I was the servant) that seemed unpossible to dump him, but in the last few month I gave myself enough space to be the one I should be. Ok I wanna dump him, having exams is the best time for such a thing. Ok I finished another story, I might write it one day & maybe it become something to keep me & others busy. I’m taking my mask out & just wanna be myself. Maybe I try somebody else later (hehehehe like those endless movies). But for a while let’s be me, gotta cut my hair cos it’s getting really long (more than 6 cm)& better finish this crap. I dunno if you get to this line or not. But the thing is I feel like writing this to meself, kinda my own goodbye with the guy I hate so much now.


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