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Scene 1: dark cold room, loud music playing, the familiar magical sound of Burton’s bass, “pulling teeth”.

Half burned cigarette left on the edge of the cupboard, half opened fridge, water pouring into the glass, cry of “SHIT” can be heard from miles away.

Scene 2: the relaxing tone of bass turned to the disgusting voice of J.Lo “fucking ^$&$&%$& , who shitted my CD?!”. Angrily looking for the remote control, me appears on the stage! Oooppps TV off, kneeling on the floor looking for Forbidden album of Black Sabbath.

Back to the kitchen with the glass still in my hand looking for some aspirin! As soon as findin’ one, swallowed without hesitation.

Scene 3: ringing bell me running to the door asking “who’s it?” .in a second the door is opened , somebody handed me a hot edible thing. “Thanks “

Without looking , threw the food to the fridge, no appetite at all.

Grabbing the still burning cigarette, turned on the light, ‘tallica in , speakers on, volume up.

“Exit light, Enter night…”

Pc on, a blank page of Diary infronna me. “No, Not again!” phone ringing non-stop.

Running to the living room, hung up. Back to the bedroom opening window a bit letting fresh air to enter the space.

Scene 4:throwing the ashes to the trash can , lighting another cigarette “ this is the last!” conscience speaking:” Don’t fuck with me!”

Endless sound of clicking on the keyboard & coughs, the page’s not blank anymore , cigarette still burning; pain remaining in my gum & taste of blood in my mouth.

Another day’s finished!

Notes:1. I really pulled my tooth out!

2. I have a nice neighbor that sometimes gimme some good meals! Hihihi 😉

3. there’s lota pain in my mouth 😦



  1. Meal : hei, dont throw me into the fridge?!!
    rinnie : yeah, give me the food, I’m hungry…!!
    Keith : No, I wont give you this meal. I am gonna eat later, and you zorinnie, I am gonna eat you NOW…!!!!

  2. hihhiihhiii

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