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just as soft as the wind

you came in & spread your seed

thought i would be silent

and never ask you “why!”


who gave you the right

to tear me apart


wasnt i innocent to your eyes

so stop those devilish cries


leave me alone, let me vanish

it’s much better to get ravished


you thought i dont have a mind

you were wrong, im not that kind


jus pull out your dagger outta my heart

let it bleed till the last drop of blood


i know i was no better than you

you called me loser & i lost for you


i wasnt born to lose you baby

it wasnt my will to break your body


dont lean on me, im just too weak

dont let me fall, not another trick


i loose your hand, wont bite the quick

it’s the only way to end this hide & seek



  1. huhuhu..!!! now you made me cry …!!

  2. Nice blog. I will read this blog as often as I can.
    I like your style.

  3. me crying too 😦

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