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yeah soundblog’s the future of this little cornor we have to let ourselves out, it’s fun to hear the blogger’s voice instead of reading every post, we can feel how they really felt that time, then bloggers can have live posts & jus imagine talking comments! some one shouting, some one crying.

it sounds quite weird but we can have such things in the future years, all we want is new materials & new programs. that’s what i like about materials, i know i can never make a new material but maybe i can suggest a new thing, materials’re so dammed important , the bricks of industry & technology; what a good brilliant boy i am, choosing such a cool field;

aha i was talkin’ about sound blogs, how do you like ’em?!

sounds cool, but i prefer the ol’ typin style, hiding behind the thick-thin walls of wires & chips.

one more thing, there wont be much change in the style of crap here, if you dont like it, dont read it (hehehehhe) i dont have much time to post thoughtful stuff, btw i never think! 🙂


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