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a new discovery for today. there’s nothing funny about me, why?!?

i was blogging around (sth like fcukin’ around) & pressing link to links, awsome. i cant get it. why some bloggers have so many comments even if they type ahhhha, 100 guys are there to comment, & me spending such a long time typin’ (cos im not quick in typin’ if i try to type fast then i gotta spend a long time correctin’ my mistakes! 🙂 )

there’s another thing i cant understand, the are few popular blogs that are really good, new…., the really good ones are jus anonymous!

(scratchin’ my almost bald head, dont we have sucha smiley?!!?) hhhmmmm i dunno who decide on the hot blogs, they’re jus shit or maybe there’s sth wrong with me understanding their language :((

ok never mind, as long as there’s this guy with his cool humor, i dont mind; but this means hours of bloggin’ around to find the right place .ehhhmmmm

there’s something im a bit worried about. i dunno this room’s so hot or i have fever. it’s not really good. do you know how long does it take me to die of avian flu (aka donkey flu)?!!?


hhmmm what else?! another discovery is i need breakfast & nobody wants to make it for me; nevermind, gotta do it myself.

me rocks, clap for me!


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