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not much blogging lately!

holy shit, i’m tired of fcuking round blogs & getting to the same things i hate every now & then!

there are guys who love their counter hit hundreds per week, i enjoy having readers, i dont deny , but there are times i really like it to be private, this is why i have 3-4 pages (means different subjects) in my idaily but no post!

the thing you can do to make yer blog have many readers:

1. comment on any available shitty creepy page! so yo can get all those shitty creepy bloggers to yours.

2. writing about above 18 stuffs! i tried this one & this really works.

3. HNT:i hate this abbr. it get on my nerves, whenever i roll down a page & see that bloody thing i close it, wtf! it’s a while it’s spread in blogger world, i wanna be serious with myself, do we need these readers?!

ok i know all i write bs & not many (aka no one) read this shit, but i dont care, i like blogs like my own, not always writing about their daily activities but their thoughts!


hhhmmm what else to say?!

You just stood there screaming
Fearing no one was listening to you
They say the empty can rattles the most
The sound of your voice must soothe

yeah ‘tallica again, that’s why i like it, it jus has the right thing at the right time!

geez blank again!

sth to laugh:

i’m crazy becoz: qaurter means one third ; january has 30 days, loud music is a good replacement for jogging when you’re not in the mood!

what i got on TV this week?

hhhmmm tmnt (episode 12) + a nice guy talking about so many benefits & advantages of celery, the most important one to name: extracting the juice& drinkin it helps yo lose several pounds! really perfect for me!

why dont they talk about how to put on weight?!?!

i made myself some cre’me caramel& it tasted yucks, but i know it used to be yummy, guess i dont like sweet things anymore!

that’s it!

*hnt: half-nekkid thursday

edit: i lied about hnt, i look at the pics carefully then close the page 🙂

im gonna make my own fns=full naked sunday! heheheh 😉


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