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 what should i write here?! i’m really sleepy & dammed tired; i feel a lil bit sore throat; yep & a little feverish; haven’t seen sun for over a week now ;third day of almost non-stop snow; i wanna make a big snowman; i wanna ski; no way! gotta stay in! hhhhmmmm why? well i have a terrible exam waitin’ on wednesday; actually 2! holy shit. hhmm got another deadtime for my papers;24th! yipee; so i can write 2-3 pages everyday & get it finish! About today’s exam; better not say anything cos over 60% just said:”gonna fail”. i’m sayin the same!? well not actually; i think i can get at least 60! ok i hope so! gotta get back to my books; i should put a reminder on the door not to forget registretion times; it’s crazy when you haven’t finished yer exams; what i gonna do?!?!?!?!? let’s focus on this finishin’ term; i’ll get to business later. how much i wanna suck on an icicle. or jus some snow with hot chocolate; yes that’s a good idea; i’m gonna make myself hot chocolate this evening. i really cant keep my eyes open; i have to pass my partial equations; I MUST; yes i must; that’s the truth. today i spent another day thinkin’ about gettin’ master’s in management or why not literature!hhhhmmm?! yep sounds good; then i can sing a poem while the molten iron’s pourin’ in the cauldron waitin’ for the slag to be removed, wow it’s so romantic or i’m just toooooo sleepy;byebye. i wanna dream sun , cos it’s a while i dont have any idea whether it’s day or night. :l i’ll send some snow covered pic links tomorrow.wait for it yoohahahahah. if nothing was sent then i’d be possibly frozen!



  1. ah… i was going to ask how was your exam too lol… i did all right in yesterday’s paper, except i wrote too much. limit was 350 words, i wrote 850.

    then i passed out before my maths exams, and went stupid staring at the math paper. thankfully, the exam was an hour longer than i thought, so i did manage to garner as much marks as i could.

    now i am just hoping he realised i was incredibly ill, and would give me more sympathy marks than just the pass rate :X

  2. Hi,
    I found you through sugasm #81. Can I ask why you decided to split off the homosexual content from your day-to-day life as a parent? One parent to another.

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