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just a few more discoveries on the shit i spread in my environment & then back to study.

some fact files about me:

i’m really tired of hearin’ the same things in the last few weeks & days, for instance:

1. me:”if only i had more time.””i need more time to finish my stuff””i’m gonna take next term more seriously.””i swear i wont play lazy ass another time; gimme more time pleaseeeeeeee” pro:”unpossible”

5.somebody “hey baby, have you noticed the changes in yo?” me:”naaaaaaaaaaah”

6.the same sombody:”hey boy, you grown up in an unbelievable speed, welcome to the adults world.” me:”??????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!kiddin’ ,right?”

7.some wise guy:” how do you do that?” me:”do what?” s.w.g:”you look a lot thinner than yesterday!”

me:”aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrghhhhhh, not again!”{it takes at least 3 full eaating weeks to put on 1-2lb!)

8.some guy:”wooooooow you look like engineers!?” me:” sure?! guess it’s cos of my greasy hair””when can i get rid of this remainin’ papers?” my conscience:”when you rest your ass on the chair & write it.” me:” really?! yo outta yer mind!hehehehehe”, my conscience frowns.

ok just the summary of my day & the comin’ days.

wooooooooooooooy gotta hand my papers on saturday, jesus christ , it’s impossible

i have a terrible hydro examtomorrow; oh my god, it sucks; how can i get my stinky brain on the whole book in a day; it takes ages to finish it.

just imagine i finished it in time; had my exam; finished me 2 papers(at least 20-30pages each,sob!)before friday noon; super impossible!!!! then i got registeration for next term,ouuuuuuuuuch; it’s all mess, i wanna finish in a year & holy shit most of the subjects i want is not on the list; let’s pray i can do it the way i like, oh my……

ok then i have 3.5 days at most to finish my iron extraction books(somebody help meeeeeeee) & finish the partial equations ;my true all time nightmare;oh heavens; my math sucks; who said i gotta read this foolish advanced stuff when i cant solve a simple differential equation?; sooooooooooooob. i gotta be Einstein to get rid of this hell.

and after that takin’ two terrible exams in a day; i have 2 fuckin’ days to find a way to get rid of my last exam; my last nightmare.

ok if i was still alive till sunday22nd; i can enjoy a week before 30th january & the new term(ohhhhhhhhhhh…..)i’m gonna spend at least 2 days in the snowwwwwwwwwwwwww

& if still alive; i’m gonna step into a hectic miserable year to launch into the last step i wanna take before death; Master’s; so seems at last i grew up; it’s not lovely to imagine gettin’ up early in the mornings, wearin’ suits & ties….,havin’ the disgustin’ job in a cubicle& live the very splendid life of a robot called hell boy robot.

d’ oahhhhh who let me get my ass in this terrible things that surley none of my business; i wanna play with my toy guns & cars, break windows, climb walls, break other kids’ toys, make snowman(there’s a nice snow comin’, makin’ me feel like daydreamin’ skiin’ hikin’ woooooooooooow it’s cool!).

i dont wanna grow up, i dont wanna, don wanna, DONWANA!

“mommy, can i have an icecream if i make my bed?!”

sobsob, time to get back to real world, wish i could stop gettin’ older.

i try to upload some pics, here’s the link:

PS there’s a thin layer of snow(1-1.5inch) now! i took the pic an hour ago

PPS if anyone can find me a way not to be an adult, tell me; i’d be happy even if it is playin’ with dolls!geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, time’s up!


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